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Email address Internationalization (EAI)

this infographics shows how indian languages use for email Internationalization. In this inforgraphics there are indian langauges letters that moving aroung laptop

EAI: E-mail ID in local language (मेरानाम@निक्सी.भारत)

Email Address Internationalization (EAI) is the process of allowing email addresses to use non-ASCII characters, such as those used in languages like Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati or Tamil etc in addition to the traditional ASCII characters used in English-based email addresses. This allows people to use their native language and script to create email addresses, making it easier for them to communicate online.

EAI uses the Unicode encoding standard to represent non-ASCII characters in email addresses, and it requires changes to the way that email is handled by both email clients and email servers. For example, email clients need to be able to display non-ASCII characters in the user interface, and email servers need to be able to process non-ASCII addresses correctly and forward messages to the correct destination.

There are several technical standards that have been developed to support EAI, including SMTPUTF8, which allows email addresses with non-ASCII characters to be sent using the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), and IDNA2008, which allows domain names with non-ASCII characters to be translated into the ASCII-based Domain Name System (DNS) used by the Internet.