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Best Practices

iconic image of Support for Top Level Domains (TLDs) For eg .भारत , सरकार.भारत

Support for Top Level Domains (TLDs) For eg .भारत , सरकार.भारत

Get your domain name in Indian Languages like Hindi , Tamil , Marathi For eg : सीडैक.भारत .

Get IDN equivalent of existing ASCII Domain

Get your domain name converted (translated / transliterated) into local language. Registrant/ user provide translation and transliteration of domain name in IDN available language to NIC / .IN Registry Accrediated Registrars (NIC for sarkar .भारत domain and .IN Registry Accrediated Registrars for .भारत domain names )

Validate Your Domain

Validate your local language domain name with validation rules because some Indian language characters are blocked for avoiding spoofing/phishing like in english domain name only letter ,digits and hyphen are allowed (LDH).

Create/Register Your Domain

Provide contact, domain name Punycode string and Name Server details to NIC/.IN Registry Accrediated Registrars. Punycode is a string which is equivalent to your UNICODE domain name. Some vendors may expect punycode while registering. NIC/.IN Registry Accrediated Registrars create domain name and inform to Registrant/user.

Configure your Name Server/IP

After registering domain names, make all the entries of website Indian language domain names in name server panel against public IP of the server where the website is hosted.

Configure Your Web Server

Your website server needs to accept requests coming for the UNICODE/Punycode. All major web-servers provide support to point multiple websites to same code. Share your IDN domain name to Webmaster/Hosting Provider . They have to write routing rules to map the incoming punycode to the existing site or corresponding Indian language website as per your business needs. Now the user should be able to access your website with both English and Indian language domain name .

Configure Your SSL Certificates with Punycode domain names

SSL certificates help your website to be secure Hence you need to buy a new SSL certificate or add the Punycode string to your existing SSL certificate . The new / updated SSL needs to be configured on your server. Now the user should be able to access your website with both English and Indian language domain name with https.

Use Email Services in Indian Languages

Ensure that your Email Service Provider or application can send and receive Emails with Email Addresses that contain Indian Scripts such as Devanagari, Tamil or Bengali .Email Service Provider must use internationalized email standards such EAI (Email Address Internationalization) to ensure that email addresses with Indian scripts and TLDs are transmitted and received correctly.

Follow UA Standards and guidelines set by organisations such as ICANN and the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) and collaborate with other stakeholders, including domain registrars, service providers, And software vendors to promote UA and address any related issues.