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UA India Programme

UA India programme is a multistakeholder initiative to spread general UA awareness and to encourage UA adoption.

Today, the Internet has expanded to include domain names represented in different languages and scripts of the world including Indian languages. India is in leading position in offering domain names in all 22 scheduled Indian languages under .bharat and equivalent ccTLDs .

For increasing business reach and greater opportunities, the UA for applications, services are crucial. People are generally comfortable in trusting and communicating in their local language. Having a local language identity (i.e., email address) is easier to use for the non-English speaking user for participating in any government, social, banking, and other online applications. UA allows customers to expand their customer base by offering event-items / technologies / services to various countries in their own languages. Businesses can now communicate, share information, provide event-items, technologies, and services in the customer's language, creating trust and building a huge business potential while bringing the next billion plus users online. Govt. services can also communicate with the user in their local language creating inclusiveness and better adoption.

Stages of UA India Programme Implementation

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